Our Mission

IELTS English is dedicated to providing assistance to IELTS candidates everywhere and specifically to those living in Bangkok, Thailand, to improve their IELTS examination scores and understand the requirements of the test.

Free information is available on our Facebook fan page and will also be available at this new website to assist candidates improve their scores as well as provide information about important testing dates around Thailand.

IELTS candidates should be able to improve their understanding of what is required in the IELTS test and on the website will be able to submit essays to be marked and diagnosed in detail to assist with preparation for the exam. We will run some competitions on the facebook fan page which will give the winners free marking and IELTS analysis of their writing so you will be able to see the effectiveness of detailed writing feedback which is targeted on IELTS success.

Candidates living in Bangkok can also arrange for personal or small group tutoring in addition to the essay marking and advice service if required.

Our mission is to help IELTS candidates master the skills and techniques they need to be successful in the IELTS exam and assist them in achieving their dream of overseas study, entrance to or graduation from university or job promotion.

This site will gradually become fully functional within the first month of 2012.