Our Key Staff

Our Director and principal teacher at IELTS English is Barrie Brown.

Educated at the University of Melbourne, he changed track from studying a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics to become a teacher in Melbourne High Schools, graduating from the University of Melbourne's unique and innovative Course B Dip. Ed. program. Along with a number of other Ph.D. candidates who left research to become teachers at that time, he had the view that good teachers could make a difference in people's lives.

After many successful years teaching, Barrie worked as a freelance photojournalist where his livelihood depended on his ability to write stories for newspapers and magazines that would sell. This gave him a unique insight into real, high-quality writing, which has helped him pass on this writing skill to his students. Most teachers do not have this background in the real world of writing and it puts Barrie in a unique position to understand what is important in writing skill.

Keen to give-up a life of endless travel, Barrie came to work in Bangkok in January 2002 with IDP Education. One of the first classes Barrie taught at this time was a group of 33 ADS Scholarship students. Barrie's group had 18 students and at the end of the 3 month program, 32 of the 33 students achieved 6.5 on the IELTS exam.

Over the years Barrie rose through the English Language Centre from teacher to Director and throughout this period worked on assisting students with preparations for the IELTS exam, diagnosing weakness and problems and advising students on how to prepare for the IELTS exam. Since Barrie had been involved in preparing students for University entrance exams in Australia for many years, he brought a unique insight into training students for examination preparation and diagnosing the specific problems that students have in achieving their aims.

Barrie has taught IELTS preparation to both large groups and private students extensively over the time he has been in Bangkok and has given many seminars on key points in preparing for the IELTS examination. He is one of Bangkok's most senior and skilled IELTS expert teachers, interviewing and diagnosing the problems of over 3,500 IELTS candidates over the period he worked at IDP English, more students than any other teacher in Bangkok.

We believe Barrie's involvement with IELTS English will continue to benefit students in Thailand in their preparations for the IELTS exam and bring insight and assistance to students not available anywhere else in Bangkok.