Suppose you are faced with this in the IELTS Writing exam.
How would you write the introduction and overview in a way that would assist you in achieving band 7 for Grammar?

What would a sentence look like from the ‘details’ section of the answer that would help you achieve Band 7?

Introductions for Task 1 simply state what the graph or diagram is about. Here is an introduction for this task:

“The first chart presents data on the number of students from the UK who studied abroad from 1995 to 1998 while the second graph shows figures for foreign students studying (who studied) in the UK.”

What is it about this sentence that would help a candidate achieve Band 7 in grammar?

A possible overview statement might look like this:

“In brief, the data indicates that the popularity of overseas study for UK students doubled over the period shown, while there was only a 25% increase in the number of foreign students studying in the UK over this same period although this rise in the number of foreign students was double the increase in the actual number of UK students going overseas by 1997/8.”

An example of a sentence from the ‘details’ section might look like this:

“In detail, the number of UK students who studied abroad increased steadily from 1995/6, when 50,000 candidates undertook overseas study, to 100,000, which was double the starting figure, in 1997/8.”