Writing Task 1 Academic: Bar Charts

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The bar chart shows a variety of influences on work performance for workers who are employed at a big company. The data is for workers who are aged from 18-30 and 45-60 years-old.

On the whole, the work performance of young people is affected by various factors to a much greater degree than the older group. While a “competent boss” and getting “respect from colleagues” were the only factors that affected older workers to a greater extent than the younger ones, even then, less than 5% more people in the older group claimed that these factors influenced them.

In detail, almost 80% of the younger group were affected by the “chance of personal development”, a “relaxed working environment” and “promotion prospects”, whereas the corresponding figures for the older age group are approximately 40%, 30% and 50% respectively. In relative terms, these three factors are therefore from 60% to 160% more significant for the younger group than they are for the older one. For example, a “relaxed working environment” stood out as a major factor that affects the younger group almost three times as much as older workers.

In addition, “job security”, which was mentioned by 40% of the younger group, was only important for 20% of older workers. While the importance of this factor for both groups is around 50% lower than the previous factors mentioned, in relative terms, 100% more younger workers claimed “job security” as a factor affecting work performance than workers in the older group.

In contrast to these large discrepancies, a number of factors affect both groups almost equally including “money” at 70%, “team spirit” at 60%, a “competent boss” and “job satisfaction” at about 50% and “work environment” at approximately 30%.

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