IELTS Reading Test

TRUE/FALSE/DOESN’T SAY and YES/NO/NOT GIVEN questions essentially ask you to do the same thing: they ask you to say TRUE or YES if the statement in the question agrees with the text, say FALSE or NO if it is a direct contradiction to the text (i.e. the text says the OPPOSITE to the question) or say DOESN’T SAY or NOT GIVEN if there is no information about the statement.

Remember, you will read key words in the statement, words which appear in the text, but you need to look VERY CAREFULLY if the text says the same thing as the statement.

In principle not so hard, in practice not easy sometimes.

Here is an example. give a YES/NO/NOT GIVEN answer to the statement below this paragraph:

“Research in Australia has shown that increasing numbers of consumers favor products that are environmentally friendly when shopping. This suggests that politicians who put the profits of big companies ahead of environmental considerations, which they claim are yesterday’s issue, may be seriously misjudging public opinion.”

Question: Is the following statement YES, NO or NOT GIVEN?

Research indicates commercial rather than political trends.


The “trend” referred to is the one related to the environment. Shoppers (consumers) are buying more and more (“increasing numbers of consumers”) environmentally friendly products because they see it as an important issue.
If you wanted to sell something, labeling it “environmentally friendly” would probably boost sales. This is a commercial trend.

The politicians, on the other hand, think the environment is “yesterday’s issue” i.e. they think nobody cares about it anymore. They are clearly wrong as the research showed “increasing numbers of consumers” were buying ‘green’ products.

The trend is therefore commercial (to do with selling things) rather than political because the politicians think nobody is interested anymore.

The statement is a YES – it agrees exactly with the text.