TASK 2 WRITING – The Introduction

Here is a Task 2 question:

“Some people argue that early marriage is part of traditional lifestyle in some countries and should be respected, others say it is damaging to young girls and their future.
Describe the arguments supporting both these positions and give your own opinion.”

Here is a quite common second sentence from an introduction:

“This essay looks at ideas in favor of and against early marriage.”


“This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of early marriage and give my opinion.”

These are very poor introductions if the candidate is trying to achieve Band 7. One of the reasons for this can be found in the Public Band Descriptors at Band 7 which say, under Task Response:

• presents a clear position throughout the response

These introduction fail to give a clear opinion in the introduction and the next two paragraphs, if they just list the advantages and disadvantages, may also fail to make it clear where the writer stands.

So what could the writer have done to solve this problem?

One approach might be something like this (second sentence of the introduction):

“While some people may suggest that early marriage is simply a reflection of culture and tradition, this argument fails to take into account the damage and devastation it can cause in the lives of many young girls.”

The very strong language “damage and devastation”, make it very clear where the writer stands even though they have not written “I think” anywhere.

This also sounds like it is going to be a much more interesting essay to read.

Try it out. Take a position and make it clear. It is not too hard once you get the idea.