Here is another example of a magnitude task. These should be getting easy now.

The pie chart shows U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from1990 to 2012.

Even though we know the years that this data apples to, there is no time scale in this data, so we cannot identify a trend. The procedure is therefore to group the data by magnitude:

High (22%)
Space cooling

Medium: (around 10-12%)
Space heating/water heating/Refrigeration

Low: (around 5%)
wet cleaning

So the BIG PICTURE would be:

Overall, the greatest single contribution to green house gases was caused by Space cooling while a much smaller amount of gases was created by Other, Lighting, Electronics, Space heating, Water heating and Refrigeration. The data also reveals that by far the smallest volume of gases was produced by wet cleaning, Cooking and Computers.

This is all quite simple now, BUT, there is some REALLY BAD NEWS!

It is not likely that you will get a single pie chart like this in the IELTS writing test. What is much more likely is that the pie chart in todays question will come with the pie chart in yesterday’s question and you will need to write about both these pie charts in a single question.

This is not so difficult. It is really just two quite simple questions combined into one.

In your introduction you just say what is shown in the first pie chart and then what is shown in the second.

For the overview, you identify the most important features of the first pie chart AND the most important features to the second, exactly the same as we have done yesterday and today. This combination is the overall statement of the BIG PICTURE.

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