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We don't teach large groups because we don't believe students can learn languages well in a group of 16 or 20 students and we believe it is impossible to learn writing skills in a group bigger than 6 students.

Look at these alternatives:

Normal Language Centre in Bangkok:

Do a 50-60 hour class in a group of 14-20 students: average cost 20,000-25,000 baht: time spent with teacher per hour: 3 minutes

The IELTS English Alternative:

Do a private class at IELTS English of 10 hours for 20,000 baht: time spent with teacher per hour: 60 minutes!

The costs are almost the same but at IELTS English you get 20 TIMES MORE time per hour with the teacher looking at YOUR personal problems and solving YOUR concerns giving YOU personal direct advice to help YOU and reduce YOUR problems.

You would have to take 200 hours of study in a normal large class to get this same amount of personal attention.

See also Why We Are Different.



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