IELTS Tutorial and Marking Service

It will be possible to get personal or small group help from IELTS English. Tuition rates are listed below:

Private/Small Group Tuition Fees
Number of Students cost per hour per student
1 student 2,000 baht per hour
2 student 1,100 baht per hour
3 student 800 baht per hour
4 student 650 baht per hour
5 student 560 baht per hour
6 student 500 baht per hour
Placement Test free

Full IELTS Practice Speaking Test (face-to-face Interview)

1200 baht

** Significant savings available in May/June: contact us for current promotion prices

We will also provide on-line assistance with writing and speaking in the very near future, which allow candidtes to pay for tuition on-line and get very detailed feedback and advice about writing and speaking skills without leaving your home.

Rates for this service are below:

Skill Assessment Fees
Distance Learning Assessment  
Speaking 800 baht
Task 1 Writing 600 baht
Task 2 Writing 800 baht

We believe the essay marking advice we provide is more detailed, accurate and focussed on the requirements of the IELTS examination than any other marking you have seen from an English teacher. The reason for this is simple, we are expert in the requirements of the examination and have knowledge about the exam which is not freely available to the vast majority of teachers which has been gained over many years of training students to prepare for the exam.

It is also possible to post a question on our facebook page or via e-mail at email, at any time, if you need urgent help with some problem.

In the meantime, keep a watch at facebook page for competitions which will have free essay marking as a prize. This is a great way to see what we offer without having to pay for it.

Whoever said that 'nothing in life is free', didn't know the people at IELTS English.


Contact us at IELTS English:  
Telephone: 02 129 3131
Hotline: 08 1349 7623