IELTS Tutorial Service

Students studying at IELTS English need to understand two things:

1. We Do Not Teach Courses, We Teach Students.

This means we need to know in detail what you know and what you don't. We find this out with a very detailed test of your skills at the beginning. You will not face a computer; instead, you will meet our very friendly, understanding and knowledgeable staff.

2. We Will Not Teach Large Groups

At IELTS English we refuse to teach large groups of students in order to minimize costs. We do not believe teaching large groups is an effective way to teach, although it is an effective way to make a lot of money. The maximum group size is 6 students.

You can choose to study as an individual with private tuition and the full personal attention of our IELTS expert teacher or may choose to study in a small group of no more than 6 students.

This means class places are exclusive and hard to obtain so if you want to study with IELTS English, you should contact us to reserve a place and time and have your general English skills assessed.

Costs for private and small group tuition are below:

Private one-on-one tuition is 2,000 baht per hour

Private/Small Group Tuition Fees
Number of Students cost per hour per student
1 student 2,000 baht per hour
2 student 1,100 baht per hour
3 student 800 baht per hour
4 student 650 baht per hour
5 student 560 baht per hour
6 student 500 baht per hour
Placement Test free

** Significant savings available in May/June: contact us for current promotion prices

We also conduct a very thorough IELTS type Placement Test which gives a very accurate estimate of your English level.

Placement tests are free.

Results are given immediately on completion of the test in the personal interview with an IELTS expert English native speaker, who has an extensive knowledge of requirements in the IELTS examination.

Contact us at IELTS English:  
Telephone: 02 129 3131
For immediate help call the Hotline: 093 962 2496