IELTS Speaking and Essay Marking Service

Many candidates are quite good at preparing themselves for the IELTS exam and only need occasional advice about specifics such as speaking skill or essay writing skill to measure where they are in terms of their skill level.

IELTS English has developed an inexpensive way to get accurate and detailed feedback on your specific speaking and writing level without having to come in to our office.

We do also offer a face-to-face Full IELTS Practice Speaking Test, which is followed by detailed analysis in each skill area for those with the time to come to our pffice in Phayathai Plaza Building, next to Phayathai BTS station.

Speaking Skill Assessment: Distance Learning

To get detailed feedback about your speaking skill level without leaving home, there are five steps:

1. Go to the Speaking Skill Assessment page

2. Click on the Paypal button and pay the Speaking Assessment Fee of 800 baht

3. Email IELTS English to obtain a set of Speaking Test Questions

4. Make an mp3 recording of yourself answering the questions

5. Email the recording to IELTS English


Costs for private and small group tuition are given below:

Private one-on-one tuition: 2,000 baht per hour

Skill Assessment Fees
Skill Area Cost

Full IELTS Practice Speaking Test (face-to-face Interview)

1200 baht
Distance Learning Assessment  
Speaking 800 baht
Task 1 Writing 600 baht
Task 2 Writing 800 baht

Contact us at IELTS English:  
Telephone: 02 129 3131
Hotline: 093 962 2496