IELTS Reading Sub-Test

In this section we will take a detailed look at the IELTS Reading test.

We will investigate the different types of question and explain strategies for approaching each kind. We will also give you general strategies for doing the Reading Test and how to manage your time.

We will also look at how to develop vocabulary and what vocabulary to develop by providing you with key lists of words that should be your first priority in expanding your vocabulary. Although vocabulary expansion is time consuming and difficult, you skill in English will dramatically improve as your work to increase the number of words you are able to use fluently.

We are developing this site as quickly as possible but in the meantime keep watch at our facebook page for developments on this website and competitions which will have free essay marking as a prize. This is a great way to see what we offer without having to pay for it.

Whoever said that 'nothing in life is free', didn't know the people at IELTS English.