The Speaking Test

In this section we will look at the Speaking Test.

We will cover topics including:

- what criteria are important.

- how to practice.

- what to do about grammar.

- what is important in relation to vocabulary.

- where can you find practice questions and what is the best way to practice.

- what do you need to worry about to get a higher score

as well as many other topics to help improve your speaking test score.


Personal or Small Group Help

It is also possible to have your speaking skill assessed and diagnosed and a recieve highly targeted advice about where improvement is needed and even have a specific plan prepared to help you improve your performance in weak areas on the Speaking sub-test.

Candidates interested in arranging for this should click here to contact Barrie Brown to arrange an appoinment, which is the best way to get help, or arrange to send a sample of speaking as an mp3 file. You can also contact me if you simply have a question that is worrying you and you need some advice.